Portrait Sessions


Our area offers some of the best scenary around. If you’re looking for amazing spots nearby, let me knw and I’ll be happy to give you some ideas! Think of places that speak to your personalities best, and are accessible for everyone involved. Check out www.melsmoments.co.nz/locations for more ideas on common places :)


Water, snacks, lollies, whatever you need to keep everyone happy! For the girls, make up for touch-ups. Four-legged friends are more than welcome (if they play nice and our location allows pets!). If it is an engagement shoot I recommend bringing a picnic or a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses. For families definitely bring something to bribe the kids with, i.e hot wheels, lollies, fave treats etc!


Evening light is the golden hour when photos of people are at their best. I try to schedule all sessions an hour before sunset (taking into account your kid's nap & meal times). During the day is super harsh and can cause squinting and glary eyes.


To avoid last-minute stress, make sure to pick out all family outfits & props well in advance. If your outfits are new make sure your kids have a chance to wear them a couple of times before the day so that they’ll be comfortable during the shoot. 


Your clothing selection & choice of location will make the biggest difference in the final feel and look of your photos! Feel free to message me with photos of your ideas/questions about what will look best for photos.