I'm Mel, you probably figured that out from my business name. You also could have figured it out if you saw me at a wedding with cameras hanging off me. Oh, i'm a little bit sarcastic.. Anyway! I'm a self confessed workaholic who loves to bring the joy out of my friends, family and clients. I'm super chill & love a good yarn. If your researching for a photographer or cinematographer, you have come to the right place!


I have literally been told this by a few bride's and bride to be's. NEVER FEAR. I have one hell of a double chin & Call me a wizard coz im'a make it disappear.

I'm blunt and direct and I'VE. GOT. YOU. GIRL.

I'm the type of person that will point out if you have lipstick on your teeth. If your standing on the wrong angle and it makes your arms stick out. If you got a great booty I'm going to accentuate that. If your stiff and awkward, I'm going to make you both laugh so hard your not even going to realize I'm taking photos.

If your family are WILD and your scared of containing and rounding them up for group photos. You don't have to worry about a THING. I'm so loud when I'm rounding people up, your grandparents are going to want to turn DOWN their hearing aids.

To explain myself in adjectives

Blunt, sarcastic, relaxed, can give shit and can definitely take it, one of the boys, workaholic, caffeine addict, & of course obsessed with photography.

Oh, I also cannot forget! I literally cannot contain myself. As soon as I have finished a 11 hour wedding day, I go home and edit your sneak peaks because what even is waiting?? What even is sleep.. I may also be writing this at 1am in the morning.

Check out my site and if you like what you see, Call me!

Wedding Photographer Mel's Moments


All vendors are double vaccinated

Just me setting up the tripod for video!


Hey Team!

I'm Sally - mother of Riley, Nicu nurse by day, and associate/sidekick for Mel. Based in Christchurch, I started my professional journey 5 years ago. With my own journey through motherhood, when I realized how precious each fleeting stage and age was. With my own studio in Rolleston, I have a beautiful family and newborn studio.

For the last season, I have been gallivanting around the country with Mel and having an absolute ball. My high energy matches Mel's laid-back personality. Meaning we are both able to hype you up and calm you down with the perfect balance. I have a very natural approach and love to capture genuine emotion through laughter and love.

When I'm not photographing or spending time with my babe, I’m riding my mountain bike, snowboarding, or chasing surf. I was a professional trampolinist and represented New Zealand overseas. With my newfound love of photography, my business was born and I cannot wait to see what the future holds. When Mel's booked, I'm available! With the same vibe and Mel editing, you will receive the same photos you see on the site today!

Sal is my wild child. She knows how to hype up the party and get you all excited. Along capturing all the emotion in between. She is also fab with children and my secret weapon for fam photos!


Heya Everyone,

I’m Grace! Photographer, videographer, chai chugger and a little dried flower obsessed.

I was born and raised on the wild west coast beaches of Auckland. I adore the ocean and you will often find me surrounded by nature whether that be hiking a mountain or sunset strolls on the beach with my dog and partner. I enjoy setting out on my own adventures with my camera always in hand. I’m a sucker for home decor and I love a good yoga session. Biscuits and tea are my fav way to spend a rainy sunday.

My passion for storytelling through photography and videography comes from a need to create, challenge and ultimately make some stunning photos.

My journey began at the age of 13 when I started capturing local events and shows. As my journey progressed and became more diverse I was drawn to fashion/editorial photography and was lucky enough to shoot New Zealand fashion week several years in a row. This really grew my love for people photography/videography and I found the ultimate connection in capturing love stories through weddings, elopements, engagements or personal adventures.

I was lucky enough to meet the amazing Mel at an awesome photography workshop down South in Glenorchy and our personalities immediately clicked with our love of a good yarn.

I am now blessed to be a part of Mel’s incredible team capturing photos & video of amazing love stories all over New Zealand.

I’m chatty and fun and I’ll do my best to make you laugh whether that's with me or at me!

Grace is my go to gal for editorial style photos. She has an exceptional eye for details + empowering posing. If your after a classy and sophisticated vibe with happiness + joy on the side. Grace is a fab sidekick to add!


Hiya team, I’m Sam! I’m on the videography side of weddings! I’ve been filming weddings for a couple of years now and I absolutely loved it. I started off second shooting for a friend who filmed weddings. When I’m not at weddings I’m a Year 13 student, where I take both the Photography and Media Studies subjects. One day a week I intern at a local media production company where I really learn from & work with the best.

At weddings, I always try to make a genuine relationship with everyone at weddings and making people feel relaxed and not have to worry about some creepy awkward videography scoping about. I love the candid feel but I’m also down to step in and get those perfect golden hour shots. I’ve also put in countless amounts of buttonhole flowers for the groomsmen so let me know if you need a hand.

A little about me! I’m an avid volleyball fan, playing both for my school team but also a social adult’s team. I first met Mel at my own sister’s wedding, where I was filming and Mel was the photographer. I loved the way Mel shot the wedding, I could really tell that my sister was relaxed and confident in Mel, and it’s safe to say the results were certainly something to be confident in!

Sam is my extra video member! You will see him come into play with my Gold with video highlights for 11 hours. I brought Sam on to the team for more creative footage and to be able to concentrate on the audio collection from the day and your guests. Plus more drone footage and details!


Mel was an absolute gem, we were so lucky to have her shoot our wedding. the photos are stunning and she so chilled, professional amd efficient at the same time. Couldn't be happier!

Tanya & Kyle