Flushmount Queensberry Albums

These un-matted albums are our most popular. They offer maximum choice and designability, and we’re very proud of the print quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into each and every one.

14 sizes and shapes from 8x8 to 18x12 — square, portrait, and landscape — in all our cover materials and cover styles.

Copy Albums - 5", 7" + 10"

Multiple pages and printing options: Flushmount pages are made by mounting a print onto a core page. The prints can be:

Thickness: Flushmounts are available in three thicknesses.

• Heavy — up to 30 pages (60 sides).

• Medium — up to 45 pages

• Thin — up to 60 pages.

Note: Heavy pages are available with True Photo printing only. As it’s a little delicate, Fine Art printing is restricted to 30 medium pages or 40 thin, and only in sizes up to 14x10.

Included in the price: Door-to-door shipping worldwide, directly to you. Extra charges do apply for overseas.

Design: All albums are designed and made by Queensberry. Once the album is paid for in full & you have chosen your top 100 images, you will receive a draft of your design within 10 working days. This involves a link that sends you directly to Queensberry's album design software. You can then request any changes. Once signed off, it will be produced in 10 working days in New Zealand and then sent directly to you! (2 working days shipping time frame)

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Prices range from $400-$1000 - these are super high quality and NZ made. Not outsourced to other countries.

You can also order prints, canvases, framed prints + so much more.

Cover Materials + Colours

Vintage Leather

Vintage Leather Boulder

Vintage Leather Havana

Vintage Leather Mist

Vintage Leather Outback

Vintage Leather Rust

Vintage Leather SandDune

Vintage Leather Storm

Vintage Leather Wilderness

Micro Leather

Micro Leather Eggshell

Micro Leather Ink

Micro Leather Onyx

Micro Leather Powder Blue

Micro Leather Shadow

Micro Leather Vanilla Bean

Contemporary Leather

Contemporary Blueberry

Contemporary Graphite

Contemporary Iron

Contemporary Ivory

Contemporary Plum

Contemporary Sandstone

Contemporary Tamarillo

Faux Leather

Faux Distressed Leather Black

Faux Distressed Leather Clay

Distressed Leather Saddle

Distressed Leather Tan

Faux Keylime

Faux Lavender

Faux Mint Jule

Faux Rose Crush

Faux Turquoise

Faux Metallic Leather Bronze

Faux Metallic Leather Champagne

Faux Metallic Leather Pewter

Faux Metallic Leather Sahara


Classic Leathers

Classic Leather Apple Green

Classic Leather Black

Classic Leather Brown

Classic Leather Cappuchino

Classic Leather Cherry

Classic Leather Chocolate

Classic Leather Grape

Classic Leather Royal Blue

Classic Leather Slate

Classic Leather White

Cover Styles





8x8" (20x20cm), 10x10" (25x25cm), 12x12" (30x30cm)

Horizontal (Landscape):

10x7" (25x17cm), 12x9"14x10" (35x25cm), 15x12" (38x30cm), 18x10" (45x20cm), 18x12" (45x30cm)

Vertical (Portrait): 

10x7" (17x25cm), 12x9",14x10" (25x35cm), 15x12" (48x38cm).

Album Presentation

Standard - No extra cost

Soft suede bag and grey presentation box

Designer Album Box

You can upgrade to Designer Boxes for all Photo Books, and for Albums up to size 14x10. Designer Boxes plain or embossed — either Companion embossing (same as on the album) or Studio embossing. Designer Album Boxes are available in all our Buckrams and Linens. Choose a colour to suit the album. $100-200 depending on size

Album Extras


Heavily discounted copy albums for family and friends. A Copy Album is, as nearly as possible, a small, un-matted replica of a larger, original Flushmount album.


Translucent Title Pages overlay the first page of your book or album, and add another personal touch. Choose one of our standard styles, add a logo or even create a custom layout. 

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