October 19th - October 22nd 2020

When covid hit, I knew it was either a dig in and grow my business or fold. I scoured the internet during lockdown to try to find ways to improve myself. I brought a Facebook adds course, contacted Charlotte & Bruno from Charlotte Kiri Photography and had mentor sessions. Watched countless youtube shows and podcasts + joined a website called creative live. Then I stumbled upon the workshop of my dreams. FIND YOUR WILD. Situated in beautiful Glenorchy, staying at Camp Glenorchy which is a beautiful eco campsite. 25 photographers from around New Zealand with 6 top New Zealand photographers speaking. I was pumped, I even arrived a day early to complete an engagement photoshoot at Lake Moke for one of my clients who live in Invercargill but the wedding is in Napier! LOVE travelling.

Anyway, back to the workshop. The first day involved meeting everyone with cheese platters and talking. Learning our itinerary which involved sunrise shoots every morning and sunset shoots every evening. The day times consisted of lectures from Bayly & Moore photography, Charlotte Kiri, Wild & Grace, Ana Galloway & Jai Long! We met our beautiful models for the week, Luke & Rose and the Ican Models. We then went for a wander with Si & Soph who taught us about film photography and finding creative light. Patches of light to create ring light to accentuate beautiful faces. We practiced on each other in a dark wee shed by the river. We all then headed off to bed after burgers and prepared for our early morning start with Ana Galloway leading the sunrise shoot.

Ana led us on a briskly cold adventure with Rose & Luke, down by the river and the mountains and a few road photos too. It was pretty awesome seeing all 25 of us pose the models and seeing how each other works and sees things. The amazing part of photography is how everyone sees everything so differently. You see colours, light and relationships. Its not just posing couples it's creating a connection and showing the couple's connection to the world. To be able to stop time and freeze them while they are literally dying with laughter or looking at each other with such love you just melt. We also had charlotte and Bruno take the modelling for a spin in their snowboarding gear and hiking boots, Charlotte is seriously hilarious!

Then we had Samantha from WIld hearts set up a styled shoot for the first sunset shoot. Two beautiful setups by the river. A wee picnic and a floral arch set up by my secret picnic and the vase Queenstown. Olga & Katherine took the lead and split us into two and we headed our separate ways to make our magic. For the first day I had Rose & Luke and Olga. Rose and Luke are what I class as a candid couple who love to laugh and go for adventures. You learn to read people and can start picking what they will and won't be comfortable doing. These two were just down for anything, even if Rose almost turned blue from how freezing it was when the sun went down.


@wildandgrace Find Your Wild Workshop | Styling; @underthewildstars | Flora: @thevasequeenstown | Gowns:@samanthastokes_ | Jewellery: @zoeandmorgan | Suits: @omen.suit.hire | Graze and Picnic: @mysecretpicnicnz | Makeup: @yanisa.makeupartist | Hair: @beautifulbridalhair | Plates and Cutlery: @giacreativenz | Stationery + Signage: @thepapergazelle | Models: Sierra & Johnny from @ican_models + Rose & Luke

The next day we headed off with Si & Soph for our second sunrise shoot. Ana and her lovely partner we're our models. Learning about leading lines with light and how to be creative with posing in harsh light. Ana & her lovely hubby we're our lovely models!

Then came the big banger of the week. The sunset shoot up at Ree's Valley (They also do weddings here and I HIGHLY recommend!). The views we're absolutely insane along with the beautiful Brooke Tyson gowns. Samantha from wild hearts absolutely outdone herself. We let our creativity run wild and all had an absolute ball.

I am so thankful for such an amazing week. I learnt so much from this week and I have implemented as much as I possibly can to my business. HUGE shout out to our amazing speakers and mentors and Olga & Katherine for putting together such an amazing event. Enjoy the photo bomb of photos xx

Bayly & Moore Adventures

Sunrise shoot with Ana Galloway

River sunset shoot with Wild & Grace


@wildandgrace Find Your Wild Workshop | Styling; @underthewildstars | Flora: @thevasequeenstown | Gowns:@samanthastokes_ | Jewellery: @zoeandmorgan | Suits: @omen.suit.hire | Graze and Picnic: @mysecretpicnicnz | Makeup: @yanisa.makeupartist | Hair: @beautifulbridalhair | Plates and Cutlery: @giacreativenz | Stationery + Signage: @thepapergazelle | Models: Sierra & Johnny from @ican_models + Rose & Luke

Si & Soph - Sunrise Shoot

Sunset Shoot - Styled by Wild Hearts


@wildandgrace Find Your Wild Workshop | Styling: @underthewildstars | Flora: @orangeblossom_florist | Location: @reesvalleyweddings | Gowns:@brooketysonritual | Jewellery: @zoeandmorgan | Suits: @omen.suit.hire | Hair & Makeup: @yanisa.makeupartist | Plates and Cutlery: @giacreativenz | Stationery + Vow Books: @_smittenwithlove | Linen: @tble.linen.hire | Furniture: @onefinedayweddings | Cake: @whiterabbitcakesnz | Gin: @littlebiddygin | Models: Sierra & Johnny from @ican_models + Rose & Luke