Culverden's Hidden Secret

What is even more bitterly sweet about this wedding, this was the last wedding of 4 for the when the bride or groom we're cousins or friends from school. They all had no idea they had all booked me, it all started unraveling when the engagement shoots started popping up on facebook! Ahh the power of social media. Back to the blog now!

The day was the 07.02.2020, today was going to be a long day! I left home just after 7am and headed off to beautiful Culverden. The scenery definitely did not disappoint, beautiful rolling hills and to start the day we had overcast YAY! I arrived to Jo's family farm - Cairnbrae and headed up the long driveway taking in the epic landscaping job her parents had completed. The girls we're already being prepped for perfection by Kasia (Kasia Stanicich Makeup) & Hannah + Renee (Wilkes & Co). We had plans for a first look at 10.30am up another stunning farm. Everyone was on form with a glass of wine in hand or a baby. After a few laughs, a couple wines we moved to more tears when Jo gave her wonderful girls some hand picked jewelry for the day. Then to the star of the day, Jo in her beautiful wedding dress from To Cherish. After a lot of makeup dabbing to hide the tears and save the makeup, we all headed up the hill.

Josh was adorably nervous. I perched him in the middle of the road and had Jo walk slowly up to him. With each step, I could see Josh's brain ticking over. All he wanted to do was throw his arms around the love of his life and hide in a corner. After a few more beers and of course a champagne pop, we headed up the big hill for some more snaps before heading down for the ceremony. A 66 Fastback Mustang arrived to collect the bridal party. The boys we're dropped off first of course, then the girls following not to long after. The V8 could be heard rumbling from a kilometer away. Cars are always an excitement to me. Fun fact, I have worked in the automotive industry for 7 years!

The ceremony was super sweet with a hand tying ceremony performed by CeCe. Along with some lovely readings from family. The petals flowed down the aisle as everyone clapped and cheered once the knot was tied. It was stupidly hot by this point, nearing 30 degrees. I swear this summer someone decided, HEY let's make all the weddings this year super hot. Lucky, Jo & Josh we're clever and the Roll'n Peddler was there to save the day! Pretty sure every child at at least 6 ice creams each.

Once the formalities we're over, we headed to the Five Stags in Hanmer. The drinks start pouring, the laughter was roaring & the food was delivered to the tables. The speeches had the whole room laughing hysterically. Josh was definitely regretting his snap chat game by this point. The bridesmaids brought all the tears & Jo brought the banter. Josh & Jo thank you so much for such a wonderful day. I look forward to seeing you two grow together.

Venue - Cairnbrae

Celebrant - Cece james

Makeup - Kasia Stanicich Makeup

Hair - Wilkes & Co

Flowers - Fi's Flowers N Art

Band - Flat City Brotherhood

Reception - Five Stags Hanmer