Ohoka, Christchurch

We met on the port hills for the first time, which coincidentally was also a favourite place for these love birds. An 11 year relationship and many more years to come, finally they we're tying the knot. They met in high school and have been inseparable since, I whisked them round the port hills and we had a ball. I barely even had to direct them, they just oozed love and cuddles. I was super excited by this point and nearing the end I was feeling adventurous. I call out to Kyle "Hey! Can you pick Tanya up?" They look at me super funny and Tanya bends over in front of kyle with her but wiggling in the air and we all burst into laughter. After a few minutes of wiping away the tears of laughter I finally managed to breathlessly advise them that I was not quite after that pose. This time I said "Okay Kyle how about you pick her up from the front like a princess". A few more minutes and poses later we said are farewells until a weeks time.

It was finally the big day. I was a bit to excited and was super keen to check out the Kyle's parents place. When Kyle and Tanya turned up for the engagement shoot, they had mentioned they had to scrub themselves to try and hide the stain from the deck they we're staining. I arrived an hour early and went for a wee wonder. The whole family had pitched in and it looked epic. A marquee was set up and beautifully decorated with a pretty sweet dance floor. The ceremony area had beautiful flowers and wine barrel's that Kyle's mum had sourced just for the big day. The flower petals fetched from the families gardens littered the aisle. Today was a shorter day for me, just 8 hours but I was pumped. It was also friggen hot... 29Degree day! After snapping some detail shots of the set up, it was almost time for the girls to head off. Tanya and Kyle we're getting ready at the same house but at complete different ends. Tanya was also arriving in style, she headed off with the girls to catch the horse and cart.

The family had all arrived and gathered around the bales of hay. All eagerly awaiting Tanya's and the bridesmaids arrival. Kyle was perched at the top of the aisle and there was no way you could remove the smile perched across his face. The girls exited the cart and attempted to coax the flower boys to throw some petals. Along came the beautiful bride and into the ceremony we went. Kineta produced a text book ceremony filled with laughs.

After the ceremony we headed to Kyle's old family home. Luckily they knew the new owners and we managed to snap some epic photos. Kyle's parents had manicured the property and built a waterfall with a wharf and pond. One of the coolest gardens I have ever experienced! After a few bubbles and beers the photos we're complete all without falling in the pond. Definitely a success. We headed back for a feast by country feasts and of course the speeches.

After hearing Tanya's dad, I am very surprised Tanya is still alive. I knew from the minute I met her she was always down for an adventure, I didn't realize it was literally from the day she learnt to crawl. The speeches are always one of my fave parts of the day, the stories you hear and the love that is shared. An epic day shared with two awesome families. I wish you both the best and thank you so much for sharing your day with me <3