The Locations

Figuring out where to take some fabulous photo's of your self can be quite daunting. I have compiled a list on some of my fave place's. Also many more worth exploring. Here is a list I have compiled.

Recent Spots

Tumble Down Bay

A small wee bay an hours drive from Christchurch. This photo was taken at 7.30am in winter. This spot is not for the faint-hearted. The drive is on a cliffs edge and gravel for 15minutes. I only do 2 shoots at this location a year.

Gps Location

tumble down bay  little river

This is taken at sunset

Sunset magic

Godley Heads

Beautiful lookout over Taylors mistake. Brown tones in summer and a super sunset. Lights up golden and then turns pink on some evenings.

**Is neon green in spring, if you do not like green. Avoid and go to the beach :)*

GPS Location

When it is green, I pop to the other side of the heads. For this cute wee lookout, this is taken after sunset in "blue hour"


A beautiful hill view over looking lyttleton + christchurch. Fab for sunsets and always brown tones here.

GPS Location

Cattlestop Crag

A beautiful lookout spot up the hills. No sunset or sunrise view here. This is shot in full sun at midday in February.

GPS Location

Cattlestop at Lunchtime in February.

348 Kennedys Bush Road

Behind Halswell Quarry

One of my absolute fave places in Christchurch and closer than the hills. This spot is also the sunset spot I take my clients to when they are tying the knot at Trent's vineyard or Pemberton

348 Kennedys Bush Road

New Spot

Sumner Ridge

A beautiful lookout over Christchurch city. I have scoped this location but have not photographed here yet. Warm brown tones in summer and depending on the weather blue sky and ocean. Not much of a sunset here as it is to far round to the east but great for a day time shoot.

GPS Location

New Spot

John Britten Reserve

Green tones in spring, brown from summer to autumn. Christchurch lookout over the ocean and the city with a sunset view too.

GPS Location

Washpen Falls

A beautiful wee waterfall. An hour plus drive to windwhistle and a 30min hike in and 30min hike out. This was taken in winter, this spot can be quite crowded in summer.

Washpen Falls GPS

Beautiful for sunset and sunrise

Spencer Park Beach

One of the quieter beaches in Christchurch with a Forest vibe too! Looks good in all seasons. Especially if you do not want anything green. Magic tones all year round.

GPS Location

Perfect for sunny weather in the shade if you have kids

Botanical Gardens

Perfect for sunny days due to the shade. Pretty flowers + colours here too. Normally park in the carpark by the cricket grounds or the garden park. Also the cunningham building for an urban shot too.

GPS Location

Hoon Hay Scenic Reserve

Situated on the port hills. Looks super moody when and mystical when there is a cloud front. Lots of warm brown tones and a super view when there is no clouds at all! Very green in spring. Better option in summer/autumn time.

GPS Location

Godley Heads

Castle Hill

Common Spots

Here is a list of other Iconic places in Christchurch

  • Washpen Falls
  • Gibraltor Rock
  • Sign of the kiwi
  • Victoria Park
  • Styx Mill Conservation Reserve
  • Riccarton Bush
  • Victoria Park
  • Haswell Quarry
  • Cave Rock Sumner
  • Christchurch Gondola
  • Hoon Hay Scenic Reserve
  • Cass Peak Scenic Reserve

Epic Adventures

Now if you are keen for an adventure, want to find some crazy cool places. Let's plan an adventure. These do cost more - just my travel but I am happy to follow you round the mountains. I travel all around the north and south island for weddings in summer, if we plan it together I can meet you anywhere!

  • Lake Lyndon, a short 1 and a hlf hour drive from Christchurch. This picturesque lake turns into a complete skating rink in the winter. The snowy mountains and epic views. There is also an amazing astro photography opportunity. We could plan a half day adventure, head off a couple hours before sunset starts at castle hill among the super cool rocks. Head to the lake near on sunset and snap a few adventure shots. Then finish in the dark for an astro shot. P.s This one only looks this cool in winter ;)

Deer Park Heights In Queestown

All the mountain views of Queenstown without the cost of a helicopter. Photos shoots do cost to be done here and you will need to inquire with deer park heights for this :)