The Locations

Figuring out where to take some fabulous photo's of your self can be quite daunting. I have compiled a list on some of my fave place's. Also many more worth exploring. Here is a list I have compiled.

Witch Point Lookout

A beautiful spot up in the port hills. Perfect for overcast days. Sunrise's are amazing here but sunset's unfortunately hide behind the hills surrounding.

Mona Vale

A Stunning garden hidden within Riccarton. Bridge's, pathways, rose gardens and so much more. Perfect location for Autumn or spring, when the flowers are all blossoming.

Godley Head

Past the hills and over the mountains. Godley heads has some amazing spots. If your up for a big walk, we can adventure round the hills. There are so many spot's but to get the sunrise we have to find the highest point.

Spencer Park

If your after a bit of the beach & some forestry with some light filtering through. This is the place to be. Can be shot at any time of the day due to being able to hide within the trees.

Hagley Park

A big lake, a wharf and a super spot to add the dogs. There is always somewhere to take photo's within this park and a central location.

Botanical Gardens

Water Fountains, bridge's, Rose garden's and so much more. Of course there is also the Ilex Café, which serves a pretty good coffee! Wander round the park and find some cute spots.

St James Park

A stunning walkway and open park. Lots of open spaces. Located in Papanui.

New Brighton Beach

Not only is the pier always an iconic part of Christchurch. We also have some stunning artwork to pose with,

Here is a list of other Iconic places in Christchurch

  • Washpen Falls
  • Gibraltor Rock
  • Sign of the kiwi
  • Sign of the bellbird
  • Taylors Mistake
  • Victoria Park