How to get those EPIC shots

Woo your getting married!

A day doesn't just make itself and sometimes those amazing shots need to be helped with props. I have listed below a few awesome ideas you should consider purchasing.

The aisle

Walking down the aisle is always the best! You've done the deed, your officially married. Alot of couples are still in the moment and forget to SMILE!

What I can recommend you do is either buy a confetti cannon or gather ALOT of rose petals and have all your guests dump them all over you. The more petals the cooler the photo. The next thing, dance cheer throw your hands up in the air and wave them like you just don't care! The more emotion you show, the more excited your guests are.

Check out this site here

Champagne Pop

Champagne pops are always epic. There is a reason they do it at Bathurst. I definitely recommend buying a few cheap bottles and let's make some crazy sprays.

Champagne Tower

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Balloon Release First Look

This is one of the most adorable ideas for the first look photos! The idea is that each person hold a bunch of balloons as they're being led to their first look. When it's time, they release the balloons and get to see their future spouse!

Sparkler Exit

Buy a heap of sparklers and have a mock exit. Have everyone stand on either side of a pathway and walk up the aisle as everyone holds out a sparkler!

Make sure you buy the super long ones.

Candy Bar

Buy some cute jars from kmart and fill them with all your fave lollies. Set up a wee table and watch them all disappear.

Donut Wall

Everyone loves donuts! Build or hire a wall and coat it in donuts. A beautiful wall with multiple different coloured donuts.