Life can be so crazy, one minute its February and a new year. You blink and your opening your Christmas presents, a little bit older and wiser. Documenting your life via your phone is the new norm but having professional photos takes it to another level. You will never get time back but you can relive the memories via your photos. I'm sure we have all visited the relatives and out pops the family photo albums and they start telling you all the stories.

I offer a relaxed session, whether your up for an adventure chasing waterfalls, sunset or just a simple garden. We meet, we spin some yarns and run the fur kids or kids out of energy. Before you realise it, its been 45mins and we are ready to head off home. You receive your photos within 24hours via an online gallery and poof fresh photos to send to the family!

Session Pricing


  • 20 Photos
  • 3 locations to choose from
  • Online gallery within 24hours



  • 30 Photos
  • 3 locations to choose from
  • Online Gallery within 24hours



  • 45 Photos
  • 10 locations to choose from
  • Mountains, sunset, sea, waterfalls and so much more
  • 1hour session
  • online gallery within 24hours


Equestrian & Dog

  • 15 Photos
  • Per animal
  • Christchurch vicinity only, travel on top if further
  • 30min time limit