Tips for the groom

Bow ties, ties & button holes.

One of the biggest tips I can give to the boys. Make sure someone knows how to tie a tie or a bow tie. Majority of the time the boys are all getting ready together, if none of them know how to tie a tie or only one does. It slows down the preparation. Even if you pre tie all of the ties except for the grooms tie for detail photos. Even if you resort to using beer as a bribe. No beer till you tie a tie ;)

There is multiple ways to tie a tie.

  • Four-In-Hand Knot.
  • Half Windsor Knot.
  • Full Windsor Knot.
  • Nicky Knot.
  • Bow-Tie Knot.
  • Kelvin Knot.
  • Oriental Knot.
  • Pratt Knot.

Plus so many more. Google your fave and learn it! I have attached a youtube tutorial for the half windsor for you.


These really do finish off your look for the day. If it is stupidly hot and your all sweating like crazy. You can easily switch up for the shirt and suspender combo. Or of course the waistcoat option. I recommenced also buying an extra set as they can be quite fiddly & easily broken. I also recommend having the boys watch this clip to see how to put them on.

Getting ready photos

Prep photos don't have to be boring. Bring out your inner Izzy dagg and lets play some cricket or rugby, Shoot some clay birds. Start your day right not just with a couple brews. Even head to the barbers and have a fresh haircut. I can talk to you about sending a second photographer to spend the morning with you and capture the action. Otherwise we can time it so I can capture some of the action, I have photographed the black clash ;) So I have a wee bit of practice!


Some of the time I arrive and the boys can be wearing different coloured shoes. You may not think this matters but it can leave your photo lacking. I definitely recommend having them all buy the same new shoes and make sure you all break them in before the day. The same socks can also make for super cute detail shots. Bonus, the guys will all have new dress shoes to wear to other events.


Who doesn't like to smell nice? Don't forget about the men! A couple of my faves are

Dolce & Gabbana K EDT, Versace Eros Flame, One millon Paco Rabanne.

Arrival for photos

When I arrive on the morning, first off I will introduce myself. Then I will head straight into detail shots before capturing a bit of the action. If you could please make sure someone has put together the following

  • Tie or bow tie
  • Suspenders
  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Cufflinks
  • Belt
  • Cologne
  • Button hole
  • Plus anything else that is sentimental to you
  • Suit of course aswel!

This means I can quickly get my job done for you!