The emotion, the laughter and of course the banter. in the digital age your able to capture so much more. Relive the best day of your life over and over again via your phone or the computer.

Your wedding day only happens once. Why wouldn’t you want to record it all for prosperity?!

The reason I got into creating wedding films was to create beautiful visuals that tell the love story of my amazing couples. I truly do believe a wedding film is an amazing addition to your wedding day and so, so worth it. The moving image offers such a raw and emotional connection that still photos (as beautiful and amazing as they are) don’t have – you get to see moments unfold all over again and it really can be quite magical watching it.

  • Your wedding day passes so quickly and it’s impossible to see and remember every detail. A great video will help record the important moments for you, plus show you things you may have missed too.
  • Not everyone can come or is invited to your wedding. Being able to share your wedding with them helps them feel a part of your day too.
  • A video can capture the emotions and words of your wedding day.

Why choose me?

24 Hour sneak peaks!

“Wow wow wow we are blown away by our experience working with Mel. Mel as a person is amazing and fit into our wedding group perfectly. Mel as a photographer... We are unbelievably happy!!!! The photos & video and stunning! Her service in delivering them to us, impeccable!
Definitely using her for future work.”

Sneak Peaks