Before we get to the good stuff I just wanted to take a moment and thank you from the bottom of my heart. That you two have decided to get me on board for one of the most important days in your lives means the world to me.

It’s this trust that inspires me every day to create the best work I possibly can. 

I know there is a ton of information out there and it can feel overwhelming at times. This guide is meant to give you a little guidance along the way. The advice in here will not only allow for stunning wedding photographs, but it will also ensure that you get to enjoy a relaxed wedding day. 

That said, all tips in here are merely suggestions. Only you two know what feels right and I urge you to follow your intuition. After all, this day is here to celebrate you, your unique personalities and your decision to spend your lives together. 

I am so honored that I get to be a part of this amazing chapter of your story. 

Engagement Session

An engagement session is the perfect way to kick start the relationship with me! It will allow you to get used to being in front of the camera, calm your nerves before the wedding day and is also a ton of fun! 

I love to take my couples on walks or other adventures where we can create something beautiful in a relaxed atmosphere. The results are also the perfect addition for wedding invitations and Save the Date cards! 

If you have a look here


This can help get the creative juices flowing. Sounds like something you’d be up for? Great, let’s get to planning!

Timing for a session

For my engagement sessions, majority of them I set for sunset. Whether you prefer autumn colours, beachy tones or vibrant greens. I leave the location to you and I will create the magic. Due to being on the east side of New Zealand, picking a good sunset location means we have to be either high up a mountain or on a beach.

Autumn is the best light for sunset shoots but you will need to be able to reschedule due to the weather. Overcast is your best friend for photos but not for a sunset. The stunning leaves and orange tones are always something to look forward too.

Winter means snow which is always picturesque. Grab coffee and some blankets and we can set up a cute wee mini snuggle spot. Don’t just think of just going for a drive, if you have the budget give a helicopter company a ring and let them plan a trip of a lifetime. Don’t forget I can video and photograph at the same time!

Summer means a late night adventure, the port hills is a super option. Grab a picnic basket or some pizza, lets go for a mission and relax and watch the sunset together. I'll be your third wheel and we can laugh till our heart is content.

Spring brings the cherry blossoms and stunning flowers. A wonder in the new grass and the fresh spring air. Hagley park is AMAZING in spring!

Planning A Wedding

The different stages of planning a wedding are exciting, but things can get stressful, too. Trying to realize your own vision and listening to a mountain of (well-intentioned) advice from all sides, whilst simultaneously juggling a budget and figuring out how to plan a wedding day (something you are most likely doing for the first and only time in your life) is, well…. a challenge. But I’ve got your back! Here are a few things to keep in mind when tackling your wedding planning to do list:

Celebrate The Process

With all these big and small stepping stones approaching your one big day, it’s easy to lose sight of how precious the here and now is. That’s why you should make an effort to celebrate every milestone, every get-together, every rehearsal. Grasp every opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones. Looking back it will seem like the time just rushed by.  

You Don’t Have To Do It All On Your Own

Delegating tasks leaves you with more time to enjoy and focus on the top priorities on your to-do list. Gather a team of awesome people around you and don’t be shy to ask for help if needed. Your friends and family members will be happy to help you.

Invite The People You’re Excited To See

This should be a no-brainer, shouldn’t it? You’d be surprised at how many couples long for an intimate wedding day, only to find that their invitation list keeps growing. Your friends want to bring new partners you’ve barely met, your grandma expects you to invite all those very distant family members and there’s this aunt you just know will have zero nice things to say, but she’s family after all… Stop! Instead of your invitation list escalating along with your stress levels, you have my permission to only invite the people you know you will be truly happy to see once the day rolls around.

Focus On What’s Really Important

When something doesn’t go quite as planned, try to take a deep breath and relax. You two have decided to spend your life together and, with that one important thought in mind, most incidents truly aren’t that big of a deal. Trust me on that one.


The internet has an abundance of wedding inspiration in store for you - so much so, that it can feel overwhelming when you first dive in. Below you’ll find a collection of my favorite blogs & online magazines that have a ton of helpful advice and beautiful imagery to get you inspired for the big day. One of my biggest tips, join the wedding group discussion page on facebook. Search your venue name within the search bar and go through the photos! I have attached the link bellow with a couple of my other fave sites. 







Pinterest is undoubtedly every bride’s favorite place to surf throughout the wedding planning process. There’s a whole world of inspiration right there at your fingertips and that’s amazing. However, it can get super addictive. My advice would be to take regular breaks and check in with yourself: Is this truly what you want or did you just get carried away? Does this really fit you and the style of your wedding or does it only make for a pretty picture? Let your intuition be your guide.


Don’t Start Too Early 

Oftentimes, couples are worried about how to keep their guests entertained throughout a long wedding day. The best solution that I’ve found? Don’t start your day too early! A ceremony in the late afternoon (or even in the early evening hours) allows you to sleep in and start the day in a relaxed manner. There’s a natural flow to how things progress and people won’t even realize how time flies by. It’s so much more pleasant than having your guests wait around with a champagne glass in their hands, wondering when things will pick up speed.

Leave Some Wiggle Room 

Try and abstain from filling up the day’s agenda down to the last minute. Instead, add an extra 10-15 minutes to every activity, because, from my experience, a lot of things take longer than originally anticipated. That’s normal and shouldn’t be a reason to get stressed out. Instead of spending your day chasing down your own schedule, give yourself some breathing space so that you can relax and enjoy every moment. Makeup generally takes an hour per person. When speaking to your makeup artist, mention you would like everyone ready an hour before you leave. This leaves ample time for cute robe and bridal photos.

Pay Attention To Light

From a photography standpoint, light is a key factor and will greatly influence the mood I am able to capture during the ceremony, the couple shoot, the evening etc. Simply keep that in mind, especially for everything taking place outdoors, and feel free to consult me for any questions that may come up. I have also included lots of advice on how to make the best of different light scenarios in the upcoming chapters. When getting ready, pick the room with the most windows, clear the clutter and away we go.


When it comes to wedding dresses, every woman is different. Maybe you’ve had a vision of your perfect dress ever since you were a little kid. Perhaps you want to surprise yourself. Maybe you’ve decided to have your dream dress tailored for you. Or you’ve been browsing vintage shops for the last couple of months waiting to find a golden oldie to walk down the aisle in. Styling is such an individual thing, but no matter what your dress goals are, there is one thing you should never forget:

Stay True To Yourself

While there are certain traditions, there’s absolutely no rule book when it comes to what a bride or a groom has to look like. Follow your heart. Stand your ground when bridal shop owners, makeup artists or relatives want to convince you of anything that doesn’t sit right with you. Believe me, a couple of hours into the wedding day, these choices will make all the difference. And how comfortable you are will shine through in every photograph. 

Schedule Rehearsal Dates For Hair & Make-Up 

This advice applies no matter how lovely and competent your makeup artist seemed on first impression, and no matter how much you adore every portfolio shot of your hairdresser’s creations. Scheduling a rehearsal date is crucial to ensure you have a similar vision, discuss your preferences and no-gos beforehand and try different things without time pressure. I also recommend two hair styles, trial an up-do and a hair down. If it is windy, go for the up-do. That means less crazy stray hairs and you will still look good all day. If it is a stunning still day, go for the hair out option.

Choosing The Dress

Only bring a small group of people to your dress fittings. They should know your style, shield you from obtrusive shop owners, be kind and honest and also know when to shut up. This is exactly the squad a nervous bride-to-be needs by her side.

Keep It Natural

I urge both of you to choose something light. Something you can move around in with ease. A skirt that won’t stop you from dancing. Shoes that won’t stop you from climbing a tree stump for that one epic wedding photo. A hair style and makeup that look beautiful, but effortless and natural in photos. And remember - it’s perfectly normal that over the course of the day a strand of hair loosens or an epic adventure session leaves some muddy traces on your dress. Don’t worry about it and don’t let yourself be limited by an outfit that you will most likely only wear once in your lifetime. Instead, create some memories in these clothes!  Just please make sure if you are getting a fake tan, get a professional to do it. If you get the colour wrong, you can look like an ompa loompa straight out of the willy wonka factory. Cameras bring out the orange in a tan, a professional can make you look stunning while tanned and looking natural.

For the groom

This part of the wedding guide is written for you, the groom. I don’t know how big of a role you’re playing throughout the wedding planning process. Maybe you are actively engaged in every part of the journey, or perhaps you are standing on the sidelines, nodding through ideas, not quite sure what all the fuss is all about. Either way, that’s totally cool and my intention is not to convince you that table decoration and color concepts are the bee’s knees when you simply don’t feel that way. But I have accompanied many couples through this time in their lives and there are a couple of things that I would like you to know.

This Is Your Day

A huge part of the wedding industry caters towards brides and their ideas and visions. However, this is your wedding, too, and you get a say in what it will look like. Take a moment and ask yourself what’s important to you. What are you looking forward to the most? What do you need in order to enjoy the day? Whether it’s amazing food, a live band playing all your favorite songs or a relaxed morning with a ton of time for your buddies. Make sure to set some priorities and communicate these things clearly with your bride-to-be and everyone involved. Your fiancée will be ecstatic to have you actively participate in the wedding planning process instead of just being a sounding board for her ideas.

Think James Bond, Not Bargain Sale

Your future wife is most likely putting a lot of thought into her wedding dress and the accessories she will wear. But what about you? Are you still procrastinating on what you fear will be an endless odyssey through men’s apparel stores until you finally find a decently fitting suit that’s an okay color? Don’t make that mistake. Get inspired by what’s possible for you on the day. Think James Bond, Thomas Shelby or Harvey Specter. No matter your taste and style, there is a suit out there to emphasize your personality instead of making you feel masqueraded. You can have it custom-tailored, but if that’s not an option, take your suit to the tailor after buying it to make sure it’s perfectly fitted and the length is just right. It will make a world of a difference and you’ll look pretty darn cool.

A Word On Photography

From my experience it’s often the bride that insists on having a professional photographer for the day. Many grooms are a lot more skeptical when it comes to photography. I assume it’s because they are worried I will force them into a bunch of lovey-dovey poses and expect them to put on a cheesy front for the sake of a romantic picture. And while I do my best to communicate that this isn’t the case, I understand that there often remains some hesitation on the side of the groom. Here’s my promise to you: If you show up for the couple shoot in a great mood, happy to create something awesome and willing to trust me with my approach and ideas, then I have everything I need to create epic photographs with the two of you. It’ll be much more fun than you might think and ultimately you’ll be happy to have taken some time out of your day to create these photos. These snapshots of your day will last a lifetime, so I will make sure that you have fun creating them.

Bridal Shoot

Dear Bride,

Let’s meet up a couple of weeks before the wedding for a Bridal Shoot! It’s an awesome way to create stunning portraits of you in your wedding dress that can later be given as a gift to friends and family or even be displayed at the wedding day. 

The process is simple: you get your makeup and hair done, bring your dress, shoes and beautiful accessories, as well as your dearest friends. Then we’ll have a ton of fun creating beautiful images. See? Easy. 

Meeting up for a session like this has many advantages. For one, we have zero time pressure. You will be able to build your confidence in front of the camera, which will calm the nerves before the wedding day. Seeing the results of our get-together will make you feel amazing. It’s also a great way to get an all-around impression of your outfit and the way it looks in photographs before the big day.

Whilst Bridal Shoots often take place at the wedding venue, you are completely free to plan yours any way you want to. The earlier you let me know, the more flexible my schedule will be, so let’s get creative!  

Getting Ready

The morning hours of your wedding day are so precious and it’s one of my favorite parts of the whole day, capturing you two getting ready for the celebration ahead.

When the groom-to-be buttons up his shirt with trembling fingers and the prospective bride’s mom can hardly hide the tears seeing her little girl in her wedding dress. When little love notes are exchanged, hugs are shared and you can almost taste the anticipation in the air.

Putting a little bit of thought into the setting and details of this emotional and very exciting first chapter of your wedding day will set the perfect tone for everything to come.

What Do You Need To Consider When Choosing 

A Getting Ready Location?

An open and calm space with lots of natural light (big windows) is perfect to document everybody’s preparations. I would usually recommend a hotel room or AirBnB whose interior fits the overall feel you are going for on your wedding day.

If you decide to get ready at home, choose the brightest and biggest room in the house and transform it into a sacred space. That means getting rid of any distracting elements (goodbye laundry baskets and home trainers!) and surrounding yourself with beautiful things and your favorite people.

Keep in mind: whilst the bride usually receives the most beautiful room, it’s important to put some thought into where the groom will get ready, too. A scarcely lit hallway or a tiny room with no natural light isn’t good enough. Instead, check in with the hotel staff whether it’s possible for the guys to get ready in another free hotel room in the morning, check for some cool barber shops (or other awesome venues) close by or make sure that another room on location is being prepared for the groom and his groomsmen. Sending the boys to play a round of golf or what ever the hobbie may be in the morning always makes for cool getting ready photos.

How Much Time Do I Need To Capture The Getting Ready?

There are a few factors to consider when calculating the time needed for capturing the Getting Ready. How many people are going to be there? When will the makeup artist and hairdresser get to work? How many hours have you booked with me? 

Usually, two hours is a perfect timeframe. It allows me to capture the setting and mood, the beautiful details, you (and the bridesmaids) getting the finishing touches of hair and makeup done, you putting on the dress, as well as lots of candid moments in between. 

Depending on where and when the groom gets ready, I will need to leave for some time in the middle or at the end of the bride’s Getting Ready, too. Simply keep that in mind when creating the schedule. Having a few extra minutes at the end of each of your Getting Ready sessions to take portraits of you individually before heading out really helps, too. To make sure we capture all the action, I recommend the boys to mock the getting ready. Let's get them dressed super early, maybe play a game of backyard cricket beforehand. Get the boys all done by 11.30am. Then I can capture the last of your makeup being put on and grab the detail shots before we put the magic on.

We can always work with less time, but please note this often means some things have to fall by the wayside if the schedule gets delayed.

Here Are A Couple More Tips On How To Make Your Getting Ready A Success: 

1. Detail Shots

Often the Getting Ready starts with me taking detail shots of your dress, jewelry, shoes, cuff links, invitation cards etc. It will save us a lot of time if you’ve already put all these things together in one place, so that I can access them easily and arrange them for some lovely detail shots.

2. Sit By The Window

When you get your hair and makeup done, please make sure you sit by a window facing outside. This guarantees the best light for the photographs. Your makeup artist and hairdresser surely won’t mind, as they will look for optimum lighting anyway. It will also ensure that your makeup looks just right in the daylight. I also recomend finding a tall chair for makeup and hair, this gives the makeup artist something to work with and also the perfect height for photos.

3. Keep The Space Nice And Clean

Even if you’re in a hotel room, things quickly get messy with hair straighteners, (plastic) bags, clothes, half-eaten energy bars and makeup containers lying around everywhere. Sometimes it makes sense to decide on a certain corner (or room) where everyone can drop their stuff or, perhaps you could ask your bridesmaids to do a quick cleaning session before I arrive. Keeping the space tidy will ensure that we don’t constantly have to move distracting (or straight up ugly) elements before taking a shot.

4. Surround Yourself With Your Favorite People

Having all seven of your awesome girlfriends, your two sisters, your aunt and your mother join you in the morning may sound like a good idea at first. But please keep in mind that with too many people around it often gets very busy. Things take longer than anticipated and you will have a hard time relaxing and taking it all in. My advice would be to choose a handful of your favorite humans to share these precious first hours of the day with and give the rest of your beloved friends a big hug as soon as you see them later in the day.

5. Think About What You Will Wear Before You Put On The Dress

I will take quite a few photographs before you put on your wedding dress, so maybe you want to put a little bit of thought into what to wear beforehand. A morning gown or a Kimono look beautiful in the photographs and are just as comfortable as your favorite sweat pants and a shirt.

6. Write Love Letters To Each Other

It’s very likely the two of you will be incredibly nervous during those hours you spend separately. So, why don’t you write each other little love notes that both of you can read before you head off to the First Look or ceremony? It is a beautiful, loving gesture that calms the nerves and will make you overflow with gratitude. You’ll get goosebumps every time you look back on these moments through the photographs. The other cute option is to have your hubby or wifey to be write a cute wee note on your shoes. 

First Look

The First Look is a unique way of celebrating the moment that you see each other for the first time in your wedding attire. It takes place before the ceremony and the setting can be anywhere, from a forest behind your location, an alleyway by your chapel or even a beautiful room in your house. You will get to enjoy some quiet minutes, while I keep a discreet distance and capture this emotional encounter. 

Personally, I love the First Look for its intimacy and emotion. It gives you the chance to share a moment all to yourselves before the wedding day buzz begins, to exchange a few words in private and to calm each other’s nerves before all eyes are on the two of you. 

It also has the advantage that we can use the time to take some couple shots a little earlier in the day and/or family formals that later on may interfere with the flow of the day.  

The setting and mood of your First Look are completely up to the two of you - let your imagination run wild! I’ll be more than happy to help you plan it. The biggest tip I can give, make sure there is a lot of shade if you are planning for an outside first look. Majority of first looks are done around lunchtime. This is the harshest light of the day. I will also take you out for sunset photos if you have booked me for the full day. The first look you only need to allow 45 mins of photos and 15 mins of chill time. I love to let you all just relax and enjoy everyone's company.

Unplugged Wedding

I understand that capturing important moments with a smartphone is second nature to most people these days. However, asking your guests to refrain from using cell phones and tablets during the ceremony or even throughout the day allows them to take everything in. It also gives me the opportunity to capture the raw emotions and reactions to what is happening. It’s a shame to witness emotional moments unfolding while people’s faces are hidden behind small screens, or seeing guests too engrossed in operating their smartphone camera to even realize what is going on around them. 

It also ensures that no enthusiastic guests will limit the frames I am able to capture during important parts of the ceremony. It’s sad to be unable to take a proper picture of the groom waiting for his bride at the end of the aisle because guests are in the way, trying to capture a grainy iPhone shot. Or maneuvering themselves in awkward positions to get a good photo angle throughout your First Dance instead of simply enjoying this special moment.

It is not a concern for everyone, but definitely something to think about. If you decide to unplug certain parts of the day, put it in the invitations so your guests are aware beforehand. Let people know that they will have access to your wedding photo gallery afterwards. That way they can relax, knowing they will receive beautiful memories of the day, too. 

The Ceremony

The ceremony is one of the highlights of your day. Whether you have chosen a beautiful little chapel in the forest or you are going for an outdoor ceremony with an awesome view - I am convinced it will be breathtaking. 

Light Is A Key Factor

When choosing the perfect place for your ceremony, keep in mind that light is a key factor that will greatly influence the mood of the ceremony setting. A time later in the day is ideal for outdoor ceremonies, when the sun is already a lot lower in the sky. This obviously changes throughout the months, so my advice would be to do a quick check on Google and keep in mind when the sun will start to set on your wedding day. 

If you are set on having your outdoor ceremony around noon, potentially on a sunny and hot day, make sure you position yourself in a way that you are backlit (the sun is behind you, no squinting into the sun) and provide some shade for your guests, too, e.g. with trees or parasols in nude colors. Feel free to ask me beforehand or on site if you are not sure about how to set everything up. If you do have trees for shade, make sure you take into consideration the dappled light i.e the sun filtering through the trees to create spotlights. I have attached a photo reference below.

Communication Is Important

If you are having a religious ceremony, make sure to check in with your pastor or religious leader beforehand and see how they feel about photography throughout the ceremony, or even in the church in general. Some are very sensitive when it comes to these topics as they are worried the photographer will be a distraction or could even interfere with the ceremony. If you tell the person conducting the ceremony about your photographer a couple of weeks or months before your big day, you will have enough time to clear potential concerns and can let me know about regulations upfront, too, so I am prepared. The main things to ask is about flash photography and movement.

Generally speaking, I am very respectful and cautious when it comes to the ceremony. I don’t move around a lot and only approach throughout key moments. When the timeline allows for it, I introduce myself to the person conducting the ceremony beforehand to win them over. Politeness always goes a long way!

Take Your Time 

The moment the bridal party enters the ceremony site is exciting, and while that excitement may lead to a certain hecticness, I urge you to take your time on your way down the aisle. That not only allows you to enjoy your big entrance, but also gives me the opportunity to capture everything going on. Keeping your distance from the person ahead of you is also important so you are not blocking each other out. Same goes for the first kiss by the way - instead of a peck on the lips, linger a tad longer. We know you want to! Throw in a dip kiss for dramatic effect.

After The Ceremony

Right after the ceremony is usually when everyone walks up to congratulate you and give you a hug. Many beautiful moments will happen between you and your guests and I will be there to capture them. But that is also why it is important to put a little bit of thought into where you want the congratulations to take place - neither a dark corner of the chapel nor outside in bright sunlight is ideal for photographs. Instead, look for a quiet shaded area with a lot of space for people to line up. Make sure the champagne does not come out before the group photo.

After 10 minutes of congratulations, the MC & I will gather everyone for a large group photo. Once completed, the canape’s and wine can come out. If your guests sniff out the food and wine, gathering them back together can take up to 15 mins, which cuts into your wedding timeline.


Once the ceremony has completed it’s also a great moment to take family formals. I suggest keeping the list short and sweet. No more than 8 to 10 constellations. Believe me, things will take longer than anticipated. Give the list to someone who knows the wedding party well so he/she can line up the next group while I start taking photos. It’s also helpful to let people know upfront when you plan on taking family formals so they roughly know when to expect them. Put it in the wedding day schedule or ask the officiant to make an announcement after the ceremony.

Please Note: It’s important that you talk about what constellations you would want for family formals and send me the list no later than two weeks before the wedding day. This way you can shift your focus onto other things and I will make sure you get all the group photos you wished for.  


After the ceremony and once everyone has given you a hug, the guests will move to the reception area. Make sure you offer a variety of drinks and snacks to keep everyone happy while you move around and talk to people. It’s also amazing to have some live music at this point. It creates an awesome atmosphere. 

Ask your location manager about the position of the sun throughout certain parts of the day, as it may mean you need to make some adjustments. Will the sun vanish behind the house by the afternoon? It might get chilly and you could consider providing your guests with some blankets. Is the reception area open and exposed to the sun on a summer day? If so, provide enough shade for everyone. Usually the staff on site has a ton of experience, so make sure to check in with them upfront for some insider tips.  

The Couple Shoot

The couple shoot is an awesome chance for you two to enjoy a few quiet moments with each other away from the wedding day buzz. It gives you time to catch your breath, reflect and create more beautiful memories with me. Whether we go for a little walk not far from the location or drive a few minutes to a stunning mountain view - there is always a great setting to be found and I am convinced it will be beautiful.

How Much Time Do You Need To Set Aside For The Couple Shoot?

An hour is usually great, not including the drive to and from the venue (if necessary). Depending on the flow of your day it can also make sense to split the couple session into parts. We might do a little session right after the First Look and then head out once more in the evening to catch some of that warm, glowing sunset light. 

When Is The Best Time For The Couple Shoot? 

The best light is usually right before and after sunset, during the so called ‘golden hour’ and ‘blue hour’. The sun is very low in the sky, immersing the world in a warm light that looks incredible in photographs. I understand that it’s not always possible to leave the wedding party around dinner time, but if there is a way to make it possible, the incredible light will make it so worth it. 

When creating the timeline for the day, please note that the middle of the day is less than ideal for photos, especially if it’s very sunny. At that time the sun is very high in the sky and the bright light and harsh shadows will take away from the atmosphere in the photographs.

Where Should The Couple Shoot Take Place?

With a little bit of research there are usually lots of beautiful places to be found almost anywhere. But less is more! Let’s focus on two or three spots close to each other, so there is no rush. 

If I have the time, I will wander around the property for a bit in the morning and will already have a few scenic spots in mind when we get to the couple shoot part of the day. Feel free to look around the area yourself and send me some snaps beforehand, so I can get an idea and we can talk about what’s important to you. 

Please Note: In addition to a beautiful backdrop I always pay a lot of attention to the light in a particular place, the position of the sun and possible reflections of trees that may create green shadows on your skin. These are the kind of things a photographer considers to ensure you get the best results. You can always trust my judgement.


A great portion of the day has already passed and it’s been a great success. Approaching dinner time you will be happy, filled with joy, but most likely starving and eager to sit down for a delicious meal. Here are a couple of things to consider around dinner time: 

Pay Attention To The Lighting

I always prefer to work with natural light and save my flash for the party and dance floor. That way I can work almost unnoticed and will not interfere with the event, or the work of the videographer (if present). Bright spots or disco lights in all kinds of colors don’t look good in photos (hello green/purple skin and harsh shadows!) and won’t make the food look very appetizing either. Instead, opt for candles, fairy lights and tons of warm, indirect light sources. The party lights can come on once it’s time to let loose on the dance floor!

Feed Your Photographer

I take photos while the guests are seated and have their first drinks, but will stop shooting once dinner is being served. Eating guests don’t like to be photographed and that gives me the opportunity to take a break, eat and safely store some equipment that I don’t need for the rest of the night. Please make sure that I am being served dinner at the same time as the other guests (not afterwards, as venues tend to do with vendors) since I need to be ready to go again as soon as speeches commence. 

Keep Speeches Short And Humorous

Personally, I quite enjoy capturing speeches and the emotional moments that unfold. My advice would be to keep them humorous, to the point and have no more than 3-4 throughout dinner (e.g. in between courses).

The Perfect Time For Cake

Often the wedding cake is served some time around dinner time. I would always suggest thinking about cutting the wedding cake after the group photo, when coffee is being served. The photos of the cake will turn out so much prettier and your guests will enjoy their delicious piece much more since they haven’t gone for a third serving at the buffet yet. 

It Will Be Amazing

It’s totally understandable that you’re worried about the day being a success, the timeline working out and everyone having fun. Here’s just a quick reminder that it is all going to be wonderful. 

After all, your wedding day is one big get-together of all your favorite people in the world. The same people that have seen you grow into the person you are today. That you stay up all night with, talking with over a bottle of wine (or two). That have been by your side through the good and the not so good times. These folks will have a great time regardless. Because they love you. And they are so, so happy for you!

First Dance

Make Your First Dance Magical

Your first dance is a one of the final highlights of the day so make sure to put some thought into the setting it is going to take place in. Look for a nice area with a beautiful background and lots of space for your guests to stand and watch. Natural light sources such as sparklers and fairy lights create a nice and romantic atmosphere. For the sake of getting beautifully lit photographs, ask the venue to switch off any colorful spotlights. There is one exception; a warm light in the background pointed at you two can have a beautiful effect.

And Now, It’s Time To Let Go And Enjoy!

It’s party time and that means there’s nothing left to do but dance your heart out. Make sure people are allowed to join you on the dance floor right after the First Dance, so that the vibe will be at its absolute peak.

Grand Exit

Most weddings tend to wrap up by midnight. To round things off, you might consider planning a Grand Exit to end your day with a real showstopper, like a sparkler exit. Let me know well ahead of time if you’re planning something like this so that I can make sure I get in the best position to capture this last big moment of your day as it unfolds.

If you’re having a sparkler exit, it helps to have someone organize all the guests to the right spot and hand out sparklers. When your final song comes on, grab hands and head out into the night, under the sparkling lights, ready to live out your happily ever after.

If your venue doesn’t allow sparklers (it happens!), don’t worry - there’s a ton of great alternatives out there. You can always go for glow sticks, confetti canons or bubbles. For the latter we only need to make sure there are a bunch of external light sources, so that guests can actually see what’s going on and I am able to capture some epic images.

After the Grand Exit I’ll be happy to leave you to yourselves, while I set forth with tons of beautiful photographs on my memory cards and a big smile on my face. 

Rest assured: I can’t wait to show you all the stunning photos we have created together that day

You will also recieve a sneak peak within 24 hours!.

After the wedding day

Receiving Your Gallery 

I know you cannot wait to get a glimpse of your photos and I promise I will send a sneak peek your way as soon as I possibly can. Wedding season can get very busy, but believe me that I am just as enthusiastic to get your wedding gallery to you as you are to finally see the images. I always endeavour to have a 24 hour sneak peak right to you!

You will receive your gallery no later than 8 weeks after your wedding day. Gather some of your closest friends and family members and celebrate the moment you first see those photos. It’s such a precious experience! I generally constantly update your gallery as I finish the photos aswel. 

Sharing Your Photographs 

I am so happy when you share your images with friends and family. Make sure to credit and tag me when you post them online. It’s highly appreciated, because I am always excited to see your favorites and others that like the images can easily find their way to my page. 

Also, I kindly ask you to not add any filters when posting on Instagram (or similar apps). 

When vendors ask you to use images of your wedding day for their business pages, please refer them to me. Thank you so much!

After Wedding Session

If your wedding day runs on a very tight schedule, the timeline gets delayed or we are surprised by heavy rainfall throughout the day, don’t panic: there is still a way to create some stunning couple photos. Let’s get together for an After Wedding Session!

An After Wedding Session takes place a couple of days or weeks after your wedding day. You will put on your dress and suit again, potentially even getting your hair and makeup done. We are completely free to choose a stunning location, since there is no timeline to be considered and no waiting wedding guests back at the venue. Just us and all the time we need to create beautiful couple photos that you will cherish forever.

If your after epic views, contact a helicopter company and get a quote. If you we’re married in summer but would love some snow and mountains, we can venture where ever you would like! 

Bonus Tip: An After Wedding Session is also an awesome gift for birthdays and wedding day anniversaries!

Albums, Boxes & Prints

Have you ever experienced that you get photos printed and the colors look nothing like they did on your computer? That sucks, as does letting your wedding photos waste away on hard drives and USB sticks. You have invested a lot of heart, thought and effort into your wedding day and the photographs tell this story. Celebrate them by putting them in an album that is always at hand when you want to flip through these memories. Personally, I make a huge effort to print both my professional and personal work as often as possible. The feeling of holding these memories in your hands is just so special. 

I offer a handful of beautiful wedding albums that I have picked carefully after comparing a ton of options out on the market. My standards are high and I would never compromise quality, considering how important these photographs are for you and how long this album will keep you company - a lifetime.

The Process

I will create a first collection of images to go into your album or you can mark your favorite images in your wedding gallery and I will be sure to include them. When choosing your favorite images, make sure to keep the amount of pages of your album in mind. I usually recommend 1-2 images per page. More pictures per page tend to look too busy and individual images don’t have the space they need to give their full effect.

I’ll create your individual design and send it over for your approval. Two rounds of edits are included with your album, so put some thought into the changes you want to make and be sure to communicate them as quickly and as specifically as possible - this will guarantee a smooth process and an incredible result. 


The editing process may take two months from the moment you receive the initial design. After you’re happy and have given me your final approval, I will order your wedding album for you and it will only be a couple of weeks until it can be found at your doorstep. I cannot wait for you to finally hold it in your hands.

Please get in touch with me and together we can create the most beautiful wedding album you’ve ever seen. 

Thank you!

I hope the advice on these pages has helped you and given you new ideas and confidence for the rest of the wedding planning process. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I am here for you every step of the way and so very excited to take on this adventure with you.

(And now, let’s do this!)